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What’s Your Eye On?


What's Your Eye On?

Focus your support on what you want to see.

(R)EVOLUTION – national and international art that seeks to  revolutionize our understanding of each other

EXPANSION – new public art activity at the GRAND – this season we introduce “Movies at the GRAND” and “Under the Ocular“– a year long showcase of commissioned local digital art

EVOLUTION See artists EVOLVE: youth develop their voices, collaborate and take the lead in their own theatre production. TJLabs and  NEXT STAGE bring new work by local artists to the stage

CULTURE – projects that cross disciplines and organizations to bring something new to the community. This season see 10 Minute Plays for Jane’s Walk, grab lunch and talk about The Art Of seeing things differently and see change in action by being a part of one of our Soundings.

HISTORY – Calgary’s oldest theatre (1912) is preserved as public art space

Support your vision.

Together, we see change.

Sustain your support, donate monthly:

$25 / month
$10 / month
$5  / month
$2.50 / month

Tax receipts are automatically issued for all donations of $10 and above

Please contact Tonya Lailey with questions about the #WhatsYourEyeOn campaign

“This map is created using salvaged and found material and puzzled together. The work is designed to celebrate existing connections and to help conceive of new ones.” – Artist, Daniel J. Kirk

For the past 25 years, we’ve brought the world to Calgary. Where should we travel next?


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