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Volunteer at The GRAND

By becoming an ambassador of The GRAND, you will be part of a space where we create and learn with others and where we actively stage and build shared meaning and culture. The GRAND relies upon a number of volunteers to support the arts and culture hosted within our building. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers. Thank you for contributing your time, expertise and energy. Your ongoing support is integral to our success.

Why Volunteer at The GRAND?

•Valuable opportunities that give back to the community

•Learning and growth opportunities in professional capacities

•Support local and international artists

•Be part of a team

•Increase your network

•Utilize your skill-sets in particular areas

•Have loads of fun!

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please email info@thegrandyyc.ca or call 403-205-2922 Ext 212.

Volunteer Application




    As a courtesy, we ask all volunteers to provide us with 2 weeks notice before terminating their volunteer position with our agency.

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