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Electro-Acoustic Music / Performance

“More than a band of gifted musicians, Cabaret Contemporain is a fusion of pop music experimental soundscapes, techno, minimalist rock, and improvised jazz.” – Le Parisien

Cabaret Contemporain is an ensemble of five musicians in search of sonic love. Together they create an explosive performance that crosses all genres with a new approach to the world of music.

In Transistor, acoustic instruments are amplified through an electronic filter and every musician develops a highly personal technique to create sounds generally produced by electronic instruments. The symphonic orchestration produces brilliant new sonic entities.

Transistor is a work of hypnosis and power, colours and dance, and is a mix of improvised music falling between techno-minimal and contemporary music. It bears similarities to Four Tet, Voices From The Lake, Brandt Bauer Frick, James Holden and Daphni/Caribou. Cabaret Contemporain has signed on electro/experimental label M=Minimal in Berlin.

Piano – Fabrizio Rat

Guitar – Giani Caserotto

Bass – Ronan Courty

Bass – Simon Drappier

Percussion – Julien Loutelier

Sound – Pierre Favrez

Producer (including broadcast) – Laurent Jacquier

Charge of Production, Administration and Dissemination – Benjamin Fierens


February 22-25, 2017


Regular – $45
Arts worker & Under 30 – $30
Student – $20

Le Monde(19-05-2016) : “When the sound captured the techno”

Sourdoreille (15-06-2016): “Our artistic direction has always been techno”

The Drone (11-05-2016): ”  From John Cage to Jeff Mills, it is only one step: Listen whole new self-titled album Cabaret Contemporary”




Monday to Friday             10am – 6pm
Performance Weekdays   1pm – 8pm
Performance Weekends   4pm – 8pm

Contact our box office to buy tickets (403) 205-2922 or buy online here