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Season in the Studio

New work by local artists at its earliest stages, in the studio.

Artists exploring different aspects of performance are invited to one and two week residencies in our studio space to investigate new ideas around form and content as they develop new work. 

Sponsored by: Royal Bank of Canada

First Look Theatre // If Love Were Enough?

May 12. 2018 // In the Studio at 7PM

Age Range : N/A

Disclaimer : N/A

Tickets are Pay What You Can at the Door

Reserve tickets online here!

Humans are social creatures by nature. All of us crave love…not only to receive it, but to give it. Throughout history, love has been placed high on a pedestal. We have cried, bled and died in the name of love for centuries, yet it remains elusive. Join five artists from various disciplines as they come together for the first time to examine ‘what if love were enough?’ 

Mark Hopkins & Pam Tzeng // Se Pa Ra Ti Sm

May 19. 2018 // In the Studio at 7PM

Age Range : N/A

Disclaimer : N/A

Tickets are Pay What You Can at the Door

Reserve tickets online here!

Mark Hopkins and Pam Tzeng want to create something together. Their artistic careers have been orbiting one another for years. They both love experimentation, creating wild experiences, and tackling socially-engaged, cutting-edge subjects. They’re probably going to make something about separatism – y’know, like what Quebec tried to do. Or Taiwan. Or Scotland. Or… Alberta? Come and see the results.


Sylvie Moquin // Vital Signs

October 7. 2017

In the Studio at 7PM

This performance is by invite only.

Vital Signs began as a response to the work of Governor General’s award-winning visual and media artist, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. In his work, the viewer’s presence often generates data to inform the result or display. For example, he would use sensors that measure the heart rate of participants, which may then be transmitted into a visual manifestation, like a flickering light beam. This translation of vital signs into art intrigued me and I began to investigate how his concepts translate into movement. As I explore the scope of our vital signs, the performers fall into very specific states and explorations of experiencing the body from the inside out, like echoes from our inner being. Can one tune in to their own pulse, breath, or even blood pressure? Can one connect with another through these channels? Vital Signs transforms the space into a fleeting architecture of light and movement – a revelation of who we truly are at the core. Beyond that, it is a manifestation of human presence, and explores the vital pathways and emotional turmoil that lies within us.

Defiance Theatre // The Bereft Project

October 14. 2017 // In the Studio at 7PM

Age Range : 16 +

Disclaimer : Language, scenes of grief, substance abuse and loss

Tickets are FREE!

The Bereft Project is intended to be an exploration of the residual effects of the incredibly personal experience of losing a parent, undertaken by two artists who have never worked together before. This is an investigation of loss and what is left behind, while discerning the difference between what is universal and cathartic and what is simply self-indulgent art therapy.

Makambe K Simamba // The Apartment

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Makambe will not be able to participate in her upcoming lab, so unfortunately this event will be cancelled.

We thank you for your understanding.

Where does a woman feel safe? With no text, this original creation uses movement to explore the vulnerabilities and rituals of a single 20-something black woman whose only refuge from the world is the four walls of her studio apartment.

Tiny Bear Jaws // The Worst Thing I Could Be is Happy

December 1. 2017 // In the Studio at 7PM

Age Range : 14+

Disclaimer : N/A

Tickets are Pay What You Can at the Door

Conducted live before your eyes, The Worst Thing I Could Be Is a spontaneous investigation of the intersection of happiness, queerness, capitalism, and domestic bliss. Through confessions, plagiarism, dance, home videos, song,] and an improvised projection design, Belyea, Doré, and Morrison delve headfirst into their own discomfort to unearth a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them in a culture obsessed with positive thinking.

Emily Promise Allison // New Logic

January 26. 2018 // In the Studio at 7PM

Tickets are Pay What You Can at the Door

Full of mirth and mischief, Emily Promise Allison’s New Logic is based on the playfully troublesome existence of objects and the process of physically and psychologically unlearning their uses.

The purpose of developing a new logic is to question, discover, and alter the ordinary functional qualities of our environment in order to create imaginative conditions for behaviour that supports unconventional thought and interactions with the world.

Woven Storm Collective // Ever Child

February 3. 2018 // In the Studio at 7PM

Age Range : N/A

Disclaimer : Strong language

Tickets are Pay What You Can at the Door

There are many stories about orphans and lost children. This is one of them. But it is also a story about the people that surround those lost children – the foster families, social services, and the biological children that have to share. Based on interviews with families and individuals with close ties to the foster care system in Canada, we examine the journey of pain, hope, fear and joy that comes with raising children that are not your own. How do you create a home? How do you share a home? What is the meaning of family?

Matthew Hall // Basic ONE

April 21. 2018 // In the Studio at 7PM

Age Range : 16+

Disclaimer : Strong Language, Graphic Images and Nudity

Tickets are Pay What You Can at the Door

Basic ONE is a reflection on the fragment state of the future. On the dream we call future. On the fear that lingers around that dream…a dancing fear ever changing, ever loaded with the doubts of being alive and with the doubts of finally having to start the future without knowing when and where to go. A gap in time…a moment where anything is possible…this one moment interwoven with memories of the past in our accumulated and hidden inner selves. A moment that opens up to the future and to any possible outcome. Over and over again. Interwoven layers of moments, travelling more and more into the heart of what carries the present moment and carries us as human beings. A fragmented reflection on the pieces that might be the bricks of fate.

Faith: “I want to believe in things, in ideas, in change, in something, anything. I want to believe. To live for something.”

Basic ONE will highlight the ways that the discipline of multimedia and physical theatre can enrich and challenge creative writing and vice versa. It will combine materials that draw from theatre, dance and video installation. Basic ONE explores the question of time and space and, in particular, the future in which we construct possible worlds together, in real time. The space becomes a place to screen through the past and imagine possible futures. The work arranges fragments, partial stories, lost memories, personal dreams and future projections.