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The Vision

The Junction is where change happens.

People need somewhere to create, think and dream together. We need a place to converge and share ideas, where we gravitate to and want to be – a truly alive, vital public space that builds community and belonging.

Imagine a space where we can come together to create and learn with others, where we can actively stage and build shared meaning and culture.

The Junction is this place. It is the space where art, ideas and people connect in new ways, where we can simultaneously be surprised by the imagination of strangers and be turned inside out by art. Where we beckon each other towards aspiration.

It will be a vibrant meeting place for experiment, innovation and spontaneous interaction. People forge new relationships with each other, have new conversations and engage differently with diverse perspectives and experiences. It will be a vital component in people’s lives and the life of the city and beyond.

Immersive, experimental and experiential, a hothouse of creativity, exchange and connection, The Junction will be a rich and dynamic arena to explore our contemporary world.

More often than not, things are done ‘to’ or ‘for’ the public, rarely ‘with.’ In our era of declining participation and disconnection, people are no longer satisfied with one-way conversations or having transactional relationships; we no longer want to be passive observers. We want collaboration and inclusion, to be part of the process and invested in the outcome. We are thirsty for experiences.

A multi-disciplinary arts and culture hub, where bold and unexpected events inspire cultural change, The Junction will be a

container, providing physical, emotional and psychological space;

convener, eliciting purpose and bringing people together;

connector, connecting people and ideas; and a

catalyst, promoting awareness, response and action.

The Junction reflects how arts centres need to operate in order to challenge and shift social norms and inspire people to participate, reconnect and work towards positive change.

We have the potential to build community. We have the capacity to stimulate and galvanize the public in more meaningful ways like never before. The Junction is where this will happen.