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tg STAN (BELGIUM) – Canadian Premiere

Documentary Theatre

“The Monkey Trial is a fine example of craftsmanship. The direction and the wonderful performance by the three actors as well as the surprising topicality of the material make this play an absolute must.” – 
De Standaard

The Monkey Trial is based on the transcription of the astonishing “The Scopes Monkey Trial.” In 1925, American John Scopes, a substitute high school biology teacher, was accused of violating Tennessee’s Butler Act, which made it against the law to teach evolution in any state-funded school. The case became a mesmerizing clash between fundamentalism and modernism, religion and science, dogma and intellectual freedom; themes that are still relevant in North American society.

“I believe God did create the world. And I think we’re finding out more and more and more as to how it actually happened…after all, religion has been around a lot longer than Darwinism. – George W. Bush

Belgian theatre company tg STAN (Stop Thinking About Names) is a collective formed in the late-1980s at the Antwerp Conservatory. tg STAN believes theatre is a critical reflection on how we all live – our beliefs, our concerns and our outrage.

Adaptation: Robby Cleiren and Frank Vercruyssen
Translation in Dutch Martine Bom

A performance by Robby Cleiren, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Damiaan De Schrijver and Frank Vercruyssen  in the Dutch version with Robby Cleiren, Damiaan De Schrijver and Frank Vercruyssen in the English version with Robby Cleiren, Tiago Rodrigues and Frank Vercruyssen

Lighting Design: Thomas Walgrave
Execution Set: Dirk Ceulemans and Raf De Clerq
many thanks to the crew of the Monty, Stef De Moor, Els Gladimes and An Roels

Production: tg STAN


November 2-5, 2016


Regular – $45
Arts worker & Under 30 – $30
Student – $20


Monday to Friday             10am – 6pm
Performance Weekdays   1pm – 8pm
Performance Weekends   2pm – 8pm

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