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Studio Cartel: a weirdly encouraging dream

Camille Portrait

Camille Betts received her BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2006 studying sculpture, fibre and media arts after switching from industrial design. Pursuit of travel, music and lessons from the school of life enabled the artistic side to show itself over time. In 2009/2010 she completed the Interactive arts and Entertainment residency at the Canadian Film Center in Toronto which culminated in exhibiting an interactive piece at Toronto Nuit Blanche 2010.

She has been a member of Burnt Toast Studio since 2008 building large installation sculptures with everything from her recycled handmade paper, to VHS ribbon and old party decorations. In 2016 a new chapter opened for Camille by joining Studio Cartel; with more industrial tools to work with her work expanded to include commercial sculptural design and project management.

Camille has shown in Calgary at the Ledge Gallery, Art Gallery of Calgary, Untitled Art Society, Wreck City, The AREA, the New Edward Gallery and Cross Iron Mills. She has worked with The Big Kitty Crew, Fozzy Fest, Bass Bus, BIG Winter Classic, Cirque De La Nuit, Come Correct Crew, The People Inchoate, Kit and Kaboodle Circus, Market Collective, Art Spot and Freq Magazine over the last 10 years working on everything from photo-booths, social media, writing, producing shows and art direction.

Permanent installations can be seen at Broken City, the Motion Gallery in Calgary and Nourish Bistro in Banff.

What will you show us at The Dream Factory?

I will be sharing an Alice in Wonderland inspired space complete with rabbit holes and mystery doors to create a surreal moment in time. I was concurrently researching Isabella Lougheed, and her influence on Calgary and Alberta and this theatre is one of the legacy projects she inspired her husband to build in order to support the arts and entertainment development of such a young city. So there will be some flavour of local history that comes out in the imagery and content of the installation.

If you had a dream for the Calgary Arts scene, what would it be?

A world class, collecting art museum would be amazing. One of my favourite parts of travel is seeing the museums full of new and inspiring art alongside a healthy arts community that is capable of supporting artists and enabling them to push new concepts and materials. To see well curated and or travelling art shows would help elevate the arts in Calgary with respect to levels of goals attainable.

Do you have a recurring dream?

Yes, normally involves dark mountain lakes, owls and skies full of stars and northern lights.

What did you last dream about?

Being a smoking, waterskiing, crime fighter. I can’t remember what the crime was but I botched a jump as I was getting away and became stranded on a prop high above the water when some other water skiing wizard of a hero came along lit me a cigarette & patted me on the back while saying “you got this.” It was pretty encouraging in the weirdest way.

Name 5 things or people you are inspired by.

Music, weird art experiences, family and friends their ability to reach for new goals and dreams in the face of adversity, the natural environment/environmentalism and outer space.

Do you dream in colour or black and white?


You can catch Camille Betts at The Dream Factory on April 22nd. Don’t have your tickets yet? Get them here: http://grandyycprod.wpengine.com/la-nuit-sauvage/