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Peter Moller: Am i awake now?

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Peter Moller lives and creates here, in Treaty 7 territory. He has run Egg Press Co., a graphic and sound design establishment, since forever. The recipient of a number of Betty Mitchell and Elizabeth Sterling Haynes awards and nominations for his theatre sound designs, it has been his good fortune to collaborate with many of Calgary’s widely diverse theatre companies. He was even once a member of Theatre Junction’s Resident Company of Artist’s. In the early ‘80s, Peter and Richard McDowell were the bass and drums rhythm-section Calgary punkers The Rip Chords who rehearsed and rocked-out at Richard’s club Ten Foot Henry’s, the alternative-culture hot spot during the downturn. These days he plays drums with his friends Kris Demeanor, Chantal Vitalis & Diane Kooch in the Crack Band, as well as exploring and interpreting the songs of The Sacrificial Leaves with Calgary expat Mark Bandola. F**k Trump.



What will you show us at The Dream Factory?

A dream of the past representing recordings and compositions I created during the first 2 years of the ‘new’ Theatre Junction.

If you had a dream for the Calgary Arts scene, what would it be?


Do you have a recurring dream?

Yes, oddly enough it’s about someone asking me if I have a recurring dream.

What did you last dream about?

Am I awake now?

Name 5 things or people you are inspired by.

Mohammed Ali, The Beatles, Clare Coulter, my granddaughters Avery & Mila and activists.

Do you dream in colour or black and white?


You can catch Peter Moller at The Dream Factory on April 22nd. Don’t have your tickets yet? Get them here: http://grandyycprod.wpengine.com/la-nuit-sauvage/