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Lane Shordee: My dreams escape me





Lane Shordee is a multidisciplinary artist living in Calgary, Alberta. Drawing from construction waste and items found by happenstance, he builds elegant sculptures and installations that both challenge and indulge our relationships with our urban and rural ecologies. Shordee’s notable works include THE GREENHOUSE (Kensington, Calgary – Wreck City: An Epilogue for 809) and WATER SPIRAL (A collaborative public work with Michelena Bamford, waterspiral.wordpress.com).





What will you show us at The Dream Factory?

The ideas are still very much in a dream mode, but what you will find is an installation that looks at two sides of dreaming. One side being the conglomeration of senses coming together to create a dream reality, and another side which reveals the mechanisms that influence our dreams and give them structure.

If you had a dream for the Calgary Arts scene, what would it be?

I would say that the Calgary Arts Scene is playing the part that it needs to. My dream of a future arts scene becomes less like a scene and more like a story. A story surpasses places and people and can evolve, rather than a specific place in which one might find art. This dream doesn’t consist of everyone becoming creative and artistic, but the creative fields becoming trans-disciplinary and practicing artists are working within society rather than against it.

Do you have a recurring dream?

I do have recurring dreams, but I wouldn’t say that they are exactly alike. I will often dream of places, familiar places that have different characters or situations. For example, I will find myself in a particular apartment that is strangely familiar as if it has been evolving and getting more detailed each time I recall it.

What did you last dream about?

Although I do love waking up in the morning and trying to explain my dreams to my partner, they often escape as soon as I try to remember them. A piece of a dream that I can recall at this time was a dream with with my brothers in a group of individuals that could travel in time, and in between our trips I found myself on a pier in a barn pulling clay from the bottom of a dugout to make bowls for my fellow time travelers.

Name 5 things or people you are inspired by.

I often find my inspiration comes to me like a river, always changing and flowing. I love art, and the artists I have always admired are people like Tom Sachs, Theastre Gates and Cy Twombly, to name a few visual art influences.  I also find myself fascinated with the phenomena of celebrity, and the networks created by micro-organisms and fungi.

Do you dream in colour or black and white?

This question, although it is such a common question to ask about dreams, really made me think. It might just be that it becomes much like a Rorschach test, in that a response tells your more about the person than the dream reality. My answer would be that I dream in both simultaneously, and that my dreams only become colorful if the dream requires them to be. The dreams are much like a set of a movie, it only creates what it needs to, in order to make the dream make some sort of sense.

You can catch Lane Shordee at The Dream Factory on April 22nd. Don’t have your tickets yet? Get them here: http://grandyycprod.wpengine.com/la-nuit-sauvage/