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Showtime: March 2, 8:00PM
Community Workshop: March 3, 11:00am

The Grand is pleased to present Volume II / A Girl, in addition to a community workshop taking place on March 3rd.



Choreographed and interpreted by
Geneviève Boulet, Erin O’Loughlin, and Laura Toma

Woven together in the image of a braid, the three members of LA TRESSE Collective focus their research on an unconventional femininity. In this second volume, LA TRESSE explores a feminine force through an intense and total physical presence. The women are lead to discover a sacred connection anchored in desire, ritual and devotion.


Choreography by Roy Assaf
Interpretation by Geneviève Boulet

Roy Assaf and Geneviève Boulet met in the summer of 2014 at the Dance Biennial in Venice, Italy. After their encounter they felt a strong urge to collaborate once more. They did not want to let financial constraints or distance infringe on the very simple desire to collaborate and create with one another. This fuelled their desire to make possible, beyond these boundaries, the time and place to create a solo. A year later they met in Montreal to create A GIRL. The solo is the daughter of Girls, a 50 minute quintet. From a dance of five women on white linoleum comes a dance of one woman on a single meter, a runway on which she approaches and retreats repeatedly, revealing herself.


After the three dancers’ serendipitous meeting while attending a Gaga Intensive in Tel Aviv, Erin O’Loughlin (Calgary) and Laura Toma (Ottawa, the first certified Gaga teacher in Canada) decided to relocate to Montréal and formed the collective LA TRESSE together with Geneviève Boulet.

Geneviève Boulet/The Magician, Erin O’Loughlin/The Empress, and Laura Toma/The Priestess believe in a collective spirit where all elements of the creative process are a shared endeavour. Driven by their fantasies and inspired by pop culture, they create worlds of contrast where the audience is transported to places both familiar and unknown. They are intuitive, lighthearted, and devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.