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LA NUIT SAUVAGE 2.0: Dream Factory

A big thank you to this year’s sponsors for making this event happen!

The Dream Factory is a surreal dream-filled night, brimming with art, illusion and strange wonders.

When night is the only time of day…what dreams will you choose?

Feature performances by Le Cirque de la Nuit & Dancing Monkey Laboratories with Timepoint Ensemble

Art Installations by: Robyn Moody & Studio Cartel & Lane Shordee

Soundscape Installations by: Peter Moller, Tim Uniac, Anton De Groot, Allison Lynch, Chris Dadge

Dream cuisine & confections by Workshop Kitchen + Culture

Over the years I’ve been to a lot of events, and for the most part they have been pretty clear in their offerings. Then came along LA NUIT SAUVAGE: The Dream Factory this past weekend.

The Dream Factory is a surreal dream-filled night, brimming with art, illusion and strange wonders.”

So with that statement I went in expecting the unexpected. And indeed ‘Surreal & Strange‘ was exactly what was offered! The Dream Factory had us twisting and turning around corners and up staircases through the labyrinth of Theatre Junction GRAND into rooms where unexplainable sound chambers awaited us.


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What happens when you mix a lively performance group with one of Calgary’s most unique and well-loved arts buildings, and add a healthy dose of creative imagining? Theatre Junction GRAND‘s Dream Factory event- a fundraiser for their company and venue and fast-becoming of one Calgary’s most looked-forward to events of the year.

The second annual event took place this past Saturday at the Grand, and saw hundreds of well-costumed Calgarian’s in various states of dream-like attire make their way through its bricked halls.

Sommer Smith, BOOM Goes the Drum

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