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Hawksley Workman : 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

5 Things You Don't Know About MeWritten by: Hawksley Workman // @HawksleyWorkman 1. I'm a home body. And I go to bed before 10pm if I can. Fun Fact: A recent study released by Statistics Canada showed that one in three Canadians aren't getting enough sleep. 2. I love brussels sprouts. Fun Fact:  There are two ways to properly spell this vegetable according to the Oxford dictionary. Either brussel sprouts or brussels sprouts. 3. Of all the artistic persuasions sometimes I wonder if I don't most like furniture design best. 4. I'm desperate to find that perfect between-season coat and boot combo. Readers any suggestions of combos for our friend Hawksley? 5. I could be locked in a room with the guitar solo from Beat...