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Artist Talks

Artist Talks

Theatre Junction invites the artists presented throughout our season to participate in post-performance discussions with the audience. Mediated by our team and prominent members of Calgary’s artistic community, Artist Talks give the public the opportunity to have conversations with artists about their work.

We invite you to ask questions, provide feedback and make comments that may lead us collectively into open-ended discussions about society, art, the creative process, and the themes these artists are attempting to address.

By seeking to engage a discourse, we acknowledge that the theatre is not only what happens during the performance between the artist and the public. The theatre is a catalyst for dialogue and discussion that goes beyond its walls. At Theatre Junction GRAND, we attempt to create and present singular and strong experiences for the spectator, and then provide opportunities for the experience to be shared.

Post-performance Artists Talks are held after the Thursday and Friday night performances of each show.

Please contact the Theatre Junction box office for more information.

boxoffice@thegrandyyc.ca// 403.205.2922 x 1


2016/17 Artist Talks

Portraits in Motion

Post- show, January 19th and 20th

Mediated by:

January 19 – One Yellow Rabbit – Justin Many Fingers

January 20 – Exposure Photography Festival – Lee Cookson


Post-show, February 23rd and 24th

Mediated by:

February 23 – CJSW/ Femme Wave – Kenna Burima

February 24 – The Hifi Club/ Bass Coast Festival – Paul Brooks

To the Pain that Lingers

Post-show, March 9th and 10th

Mediated by:

March 9 – Dancing Monkey Laboratories – Chantal Wall

March 10 – Make Shift Dance Project – Pam Zeng

The Watershed 

Post-show, March 30th

Mediated by:

March 30 – Slow Food Calgary – Kris Vester

When One Door Closes

Post-show, May 10 and 11th

Mediated by:

May 10 – Tangy Lime Dance Projects – Allara Gooliaff

May 11 – Le Cirque de la Nuit – Jai Benteau