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10-Minute Plays for Jane's Walk 2018


10-Minute Plays for Jane’s Walk is Back!

May 5 – 6 at 1:00PM

Six companies have been selected to create, develop and present a play focusing on Calgary’s history and evolution as one of Canada’s most diverse cities. This year, Theatre Junction is partnering with Alberta Theatre Projects to present 10 Minute Plays for Jane’s Walk along the historic Stephen Avenue.

This Year's Performances

Tangy Lime Dance Projects // @TangyLimeDance

Location: Theatre Junction GRAND lobby

May 5 and 6 at approximately 1:00pm

Twilight is that heartbreaking moment when Day slips past Night, the Moon loses its grip on nocturnal bliss and crashes into a glacier and the Sun rediscovers lovers, insomniacs, criminals and the Type A jogger who, having lost out on love, is probably just a combination of the latter two. The Sun is the light by which the Fowl Kingdom sees all. Court is in session. All rise for the Magpie.

Inspiration for god is a Magpie is rooted in prairie geography (space, place and a sense of opportunity) and a sense of belonging where the individual voice adds to the power of the collective good. The natural world, particularly at the point where harmony unravels into cacophonous discord, sets the stage for this piece.

DIY Theatre

Location: Conversation Sculpture

May 5 and 6 at approximately 1:10pm

Behind every husband is his wife’s true story.

Lucy and Lucinda’s husbands are stuck in a moment. Lucy and Lucinda are stuck with one another.

In a moment of surrealist serendipity, the housewives of two former business partners meet in a wrinkle in time. These often invisible and unheard of spouses are given full reign to tell the real history behind the men. They have the final chance to evaluate a life-changing moment – and for once, speak with absolute honesty. Niceties are thrown aside as these 1950s housewives strip away the veneer from their marriages and their disappointments, and reveal the truth of what they actually meant to one another.

Lizzie Rajchel & Brandon Chan

Location: Outside the Palace Theatre

May 5 and 6 at approximately 1:20pm

Two millennials skip school. Lizzie is a quirky choir kid and Brandon is a pretentious aspiring artist. Coincidentally they both end up in front of the Palace Theatre and decide to hang out together, which takes them on a journey through time. Along the way, they draw in people from the street to help them learn about the history of the Palace and Stephen Avenue. They float through time, exploring the Palace from the days movies cost a quarter, to when Destiny’s Child blasted on the dance floor of the Palace Nightclub, on to Flames Central and finally to present day.

Action Dignity – Formerly Etho-Cultural Council of Calgary // @ActionDignity

Location: Outside ATB Financial

May 5 and 6 at approximately 1:30pm

Through spoken word and poetry, Unity in Diversity will provide insights from young immigrant youth currently residing in Canada. The focus will revolve around overcoming the challenges of reconnecting with one’s own identity through a series of reflections through the eyes of “the other”.

1:37 Productions // @onethirtysevonproductions

Location: Outside the Glenbow Museum

May 5 and 6 at approximately 1:40pm

Welcome home, Calgary legend Bob Edwards! The sinning satirist from the late 1800s, comes alive once more in this 10-minute play. Meet the man with a biting sense of humour, who was responsible for publishing the Calgary Eye Opener beginning in 1902. Edwards is back, fiercer and funnier than ever and he has a lot to say about 21st century Calgary. Experience this mashup of history and comedy and begin to examine your own political views through the iconic voice of Bob Edwards. You may love him, you may hate him, but he won’t let you ignore what he has to say.

Diamonds in the Rough – East Village Seniors Drama Collective

Location: Alberta Theatre Projects Plaza

May 5 and 6 at approximately 1:50pm

The drinking and prostitution have gotten out of hand in the infant years of the 20th century in downtown Calgary, and the chief of police has turned a blind eye to it for over ten years. A concerned group of citizens is fed up with complaining and demand an inquiry. The Stuart Commission is appointed in 1907, but the methods used for collecting evidence against the police chief and the bizarre parade of people that are brought to testify lead the inquiry into disgrace.

Based on recorded historical events and the real people who influenced the early days of Calgary, Booze and Brothels features a colourful cast of characters including illustrious madams and prostitutes, prominent aldermen and churchmen, simple labourers, and the man in question – Chief of Police Tom English.

Calgary Performing Arts Festival Players

Travelling band

May 5 and 6 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Walkers will be accompanied by musicians representing the Calgary Performing Arts Festival. Currently in its 86th season, the Festival has approximately 7,000 entries this year and will award approximately $45,000 in scholarships and awards.  Visit www.capfestival.ca for more info!

Information for the Artists

Your task is to create a 10-Minute Play that is based on the following:

Stephen Avenue inspires reflection on what it means to be a city and what it means to be the core of a city. There are many potential themes such as: What does this patch of land mean in the historic and contemporary context of Treaty 7? What does its architecture say? What historic figures are remembered on this street? What does it mean to office workers on their lunch break or theatregoers on a Saturday night?

The Process

  • Applications must be received by 11:59pm on February 20th, 2018.
  • Applicants must provide an overview of the theme that inspires their piece. Ideas include folklore, history, urban planning, a particular building, community, person or Reconciliation.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by the selection committee, comprised of representatives from Theatre Junction GRAND, Alberta Theatre Projects and the Calgary Foundation. Selected companies will be notified by March 2nd, 2018.
  • A reception will be held on March 13th for companies to come together and review details of the 10-Minute Plays.
  • Selected groups will come together on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 to review and rehearse their 10-Minute Play for Jane’s Walk.
  • On Saturday, May 5th, each group will perform their play at their selected destination on Stephen Avenue at 1:00PM and again on Sunday, May 6th at 1:00PM.


  • Each of the six selected groups will be given a $400 honorarium as a thanks for their participation.
  • 10-Minute Plays for Jane’s Walk can focus on any aspect of the downtown core, but plays will be performed along Stephen Avenue. 10-Minute Plays will begin at/near Theatre Junction GRAND and conclude at/near Alberta Theatre Projects.
  • 10-minute Plays for Jane’s Walk will be promoted as part of the 2018 Jane’s Walk festival weekend but groups are also encouraged to promote their play and performance schedule with their supporters, friends and community.
  • 10-Minute Plays for Jane’s Walk is open to professional theatre companies and emerging groups, non-professional community-based groups, performers and storytellers, with some experience creating and producing performances.